Al Lethbridge

Writing music that is always distinctive, Al Lethbridge is a highly versatile composer, equally at home with a dark historical thriller as with a tender observational documentary. His scores display a sensitive narrative intelligence, and he has a special talent for writing effortlessly simple, haunting melodies.

His qualities as a composer and collaborator have led to the formation of many successful and long term working relationships. A good example is his alliance with acclaimed drama-documentary director Peter Nicholson. His scores for Peter’s films range from the Channel 4 Napoleonic War series A World In Arms, to the BBC’s controversial and politically explosive Last Flight to Kuwait.

Al has a fascination with the sea, and his credits include several oceanic films. This fascination is fed by first hand experiences at sea sailing the 29ft “Snork Maiden” with his wife, filmmaker Jenny Jones. Sea-going television highlights include his magical score for the recent BBC natural history film Andrea: Queen Of Mantas, the BBC1 series Pacific Abyss and the award-winning David Attenborough production Sharks – The Truth. Jenny’s specialism has been the filming of Great White Sharks and, with Al on board as composer, they have completed four shark documentaries that have been broadcast all over the world. In another sea- influenced project, The Navigator, Al has returned to his first love, the Spanish guitar, with an album exploring the moods and atmospheres he has experienced during voyages under sail.



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