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Title Year of composition Genre Description
Islands in Time - A Wildlife Odyssey 2017 Documentary Terra Mater Factual Studios
Hitler's Jurassic Monsters 2014 Documentary National Geographic
Producer: Jeremy Bristow
Natural World - Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape 2013 Documentary BBC
Producer: Annie Blackhouse
Natural World - Queen of the Savannah 2012 Documentary BBC
Director/Producer: Verity White
Natural World - Empire of the Desert Ants 2011 Documentary BBC
Producer: Ian Gray
Azorian: The Raising Of the K129 2010 Documentary Michael White Films Vienna
Director/Producer: Michael White
The Dolphins of Shark Bay 2010 Documentary BBC
Director: Nick Stringer
Is Tana's Sugar Really Sweet? 2009 Documentary Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation
Director: Adrian Seymour
Hope in A Changing Climate 2009 Documentary Reybridge Films
Director: Jeremy Bristow
Producers: Jeremy Bristow, John D. Liu
The Day of The Kamikaze 2008 Television Drama Darlow Smithson Productions
Director/Producer: Peter Nicholson
Last Flight to Kuwait - The Secret of BA Flight 149 2007 Television Drama Blakeway Associates
Director/Producer: Peter Nicholson
Nuremberg: Goering‘s Last Stand 2007 Television Drama 3BM Television
Director/Producer: Peter Nicholson
Autopsy: Emergency Room 2007 Documentary Firefly
Director: David Coleman
Producer: Clare Mottershead
Expedition Pacific Abyss 2007 Documentary BBC
Director/Producer: Dale Templar
Poppy 2006 Short Film UK Film Council/BBC
Director: Esther May Campbell
Bodyshocks: Rogue Gynaecologists 2006 Documentary Firefly
Director: Magnus Temple
Autopsy: Life and Death 2006 Documentary Firefly
Director: David Coleman
Revealed: The Real Jackal 2006 Documentary Redback Films
Director: Andy Wells
Anatomy For Beginners 2005 Documentary Firefly
Director: David Coleman
Producer: Nick Curwin
Revealed: The Hunt for Hitler's Scientists 2005 Documentary Producer: Mark Radice

55 works found - currently displaying 1 - 20.

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