Dominic Shovelton

Dom has over twenty years experience composing music & sound design for an eclectic roster of clients, crafting audio environments for global event installations, scoring music for award winning films, short film, TV & games, working with artists as songwriter & producer and composing commissions for chamber ensemble.

He has worked on large scale global launch events for Jaguar, Land Rover & Rolls Royce, composing epic cinematic scores underpinned with powerful & emotive sound design for launches in New York, London, LA & Beijing. More subtle installations for shows like “Zoomorphic” at the Victoria & Albert Museum where both music & sound design was composed for films and on-site installations but also a live performance of the score at the De La Warre Pavilion on the south coast of the UK. Other work includes award winning films for Nokia, Ericsson, Bentley, Lexus, HSBC, Samsung, Toyota, Rio Tinto, Winter Olympics 2010, TV Channel Branding projects and Olympic Broadcast Service Identities for the 2012 London Olympics.

Recent projects include music composition & sound design for the TIGA Award Nominated live-action console game “The Bunker” with Splendy Interactive. Short film scores for an adaptation of “The Bunker” & a new score for Dan Smith’s (Pukka Films) short “The Cocktail Waitress”. Dominic recently composed the score for the launch of the Range Rover VELAR at the New Design Museum. A twenty six piece orchestra led by piano performed the theme live on the occasion. He is currently developing audio for the Royal Mail’s new museum installation at Mount Pleasant, London. He continues to work on various album projects, solo & in collaboration with other artists. 


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