Marc Sylvan


Marc Sylvan has forged an outstanding reputation as a music and sound designer.  His unique blend of music with sound design and great sensitivity to pictorial images (he is ‘synaesthesic’, involuntarily associating musical sounds with colours) have placed him in particular demand as a composer for animated graphics and title sequences.

Marc's title themes feature on fashion, sport and music shows, but he is possibly the most sought after composer in the UK for quiz shows, working regularly for the BBC, Endemol, Two Four, Zodiak Media and others.  His best known credits in this genre include the BAFTA / Rose d’Or winning The Million Pound Drop for Channel 4 and Pointless for the BBC.  The formats of these shows have been sold widely round the world and Marc’s music has travelled with the formats.  Consequently Marc receives fan mail from countries as far apart as Turkey and Japan!

Other game show credits include the recently revamped The Crystal Maze, popular ITV daytime series Tipping Point, and prime-time Saturday night BBC shows Total Wipeout and Britain’s Brightest.  Children’s TV credits include the BBC’s Copycats and the BAFTA award-winning Comic Relief Does Glee Club.

In 2004 Marc began to collaborate with award-winning video game composer Richard Jacques.  The pair have since worked together on many major game releases including The Club (PS3), Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing (PS3), Pursuit Force (PSP), Virtual Tennis 2009 (XBOX 360) and the EyeToy series for the PS2.  Film and animation credits include the sci-fi short Embryo (winner of 'Best Sound Design' at the Vision 2004 Festival), which led to collaborations with Beavis and Butthead animator James Dean Conklin and Shrek senior animator Lee Lanier.

Marc’s career continues to go from strength to strength as the producers and directors with whom he has worked return to him again and again, for his reliability and endless creativity. 

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