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Lacey Composes Music for ITV's Monday Monday

With a stellar ensemble cast including Cold Feet star Fay Ripley and film and TV star Jenny Agutter the scene is set in an office where not all relationships are professional, the head of Human Resources finds solace in booze, and the company's chief executive finds his position under threat by a highly ambitious woman determined to make her way to the top. Read more

Simon Lacey Music for Monday Monday

Simon Lacey has provided the music for ITV1's new seven-part comedy drama series "Monday Monday": going out each Monday evening from July 13th. Starring Fay Ripley, Holly Aird, Morven Christie and Jenny Agutter, Monday Monday is set in the head office of struggling supermarket chain, Butterworth's. Gareth Mclean, The Guardian's TV Editor, has described it as "warm, smart and funny - a return to form for ITV drama". A DVD of the series will be released in August. Read more

Lacey's Theme for ‘British Film Forever’ and ‘Good’

Simon Lacey composed the theme for the BBC's British Film Forever, a seven-part primetime series for BBC Two. The series was made with the support of the British Film Institute and the UK Film Council. British Film Forever forms the centrepiece of the BBC's Summer Of British Film season, an unique television event celebrating the rich heritage of British film. Jessica Hynes (Spaced, Shaun Of The Dead) guides us through the series examining British film by genre, with highlights from over 200 Read more

Lacey scores Pickles – The Dog That Won The World Cup

Simon Lacey has scored ITV's film about Pickles the dog, who uncovered the World Cup when it was stolen in 1966. This is a CGI animation/live action film made by Impossible Pictures, the team behind BBC1's Walking With Dinosaurs. Harry Enfield provides the voice of the animatronic dog with Paul Kaye as its owner. Directed by Gavin Millar and Produced by Keith Thompson, the film will be broadcast at 4pm on Saturday 3rd June 2006, on ITV1. Read more

Simon Lacey Scores Life Before Birth for Channel 4

Simon Lacey has composed the music for Channel 4’s groundbreaking documentary film, Life Before Birth, which explores the journey from conception to birth. The film provides entirely new and astounding insights into the secrets of life in the womb and the crucial moments in life's evolution. Set to an original poem by Roger McGough, Life Before Birth offers an unforgettable journey using the latest 4D scanning techniques, groundbreaking photography and models created by the visual effects Read more

Simon Lacey Scores Twisted Tales for BBC3

Simon Lacey has composed the music for 4 episodes of BBC3’s new dark comedy, Twisted Tales. With intense scripts written by a mix of established writers and upcoming talent, each story is a self-contained episode with a mysterious twist. The tales set out to spook the brain and tickle the funny bone, so be prepared to expect the unexpected. With titles such as The Irredeemable Brain of Dr Heinrich Hunsecker, The Patter of Tiny Feet and Whacked, Simon’s episodes promise to make compelling Read more

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