'Enchanted Voices' Tops the Charts

'Enchanted Voices' Tops the Charts

Howard Goodall’s most recent disc, Howard Goodall’s Enchanted Voices, is a modern exploration of ancient chant, scored for upper voices, solo cello, organ, handbells and synthesizer.  Released at Easter by Classic FM on the UCJ label, the disc soared to the top of the charts on iTunes, Amazon and HMV, and was still at No 1 in the UK Classical Chart some three months later.

‘Classic FM listeners can't get enough of contemporary plainchant by the station’s composer Howard Goodall.  He has taken the popular plainsong genre, a best-selling fixture in classical charts, and given it a real 21st century update, with dramatic and unexpected harmonic twists and luscious textures. The twelve tracks premiered over the past year on his Classic FM show.  The recording standard is stunning, a gorgeous acoustic.  This is sheer quality from one of the most influential music makers of our times.’
The Sun (17 April 2009)

Enchanted Voices marks Goodall’s position as Classic FM’s Composer-in-Residence for 2009.  It comprises settings of twelve Beatitudes (eight original Biblical texts plus four contemporary responses to the idea of the Blessed).  Extracts were performed live in the Classic FM Live concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in April and September respectively, and also at Sky Arts live concerts this summer in the South-West and Wales. 

Sheet music for all twelve tracks is now available for download from the Publications section of the Faber Music site.


Beati I: Pro Curatis

Beati II: Pro Alios Curantibus

Beatitude I: Beati Pauperes

Beatitude II: Beati Mundo Corde

Beatitude III: Beati Qui Esuriunt

Beatitude IV: Beati Qui Lugent

Beatitude V: Beati Qui Persecutionem

Beatitude VI: Beati Misericordes

Beatitude VII: Beati Mites

Beatitude VIII: Beati Pacifici

Beati III: Pro Eis Solitaris

Beati IV: Pro Eis Sine Domo